Zinc roofs are the top choice for roof installers

What do roof installers like about zinc roofs?

There are many different types of roof products that have been used by roof installers, and each installer will have its preference regarding their favourite roof product.

However, one type of roof product that the majority of roof installers have positive feelings about are zinc roofs.

Zinc roofs have multiple benefits for the customer as well as for the roof installer.

Easy to install

The flexibility and longevity of the zinc material are why installers enjoy fitting zinc roofs to any property in comparison to metal or wooden roofs.

Roof installers will not need to worry about reinstalling a zinc roof as the roofs can last up to a hundred years.

Creativity is key

It’s not only customers who like that zinc roofs can be used to make different shapes!

The roof installers also like being able to create different roofing shapes and with different finishing touches.

ELC Roofing can provide a charming texturised finish:

  • Fish scales
  • Ripples
  • Grooves

See all the texturised finishes here.

Zinc roofs are the top choice for homeowners that want to show off their home and also their individuality.

Environmentally friendly

Installers who are passionate about installing roofing products that make a house more eco-friendly love zinc roofs!

Zinc is seen as a highly eco-friendly product because the metal has a lower melting point than alternative roofing products.

Zinc roofs are made from a 100% sustainable material and is often recycled whenever it’s removed from a property.

If you want to know more about zinc roofs, get in contact and we will provide you with all the information about zinc roofs that you would like to know about.

You won’t need to sacrifice your vision with a zinc roof as the vision is what makes the shape.


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