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What are High Speed Doors?

High speed doors are made by many different manufacturers, however the fastest is made by EFAFLEX. Their doors are a combination of spiral shaped door guidance and flexible blades. These doors open at a speed of 4 m/s and look very similar to that of a shutter door.

The blades run horizontally across the door and open and close in an upward and downward motion. You will find these doors in many industrial settings such as garages, police departments, and fire departments. Find out why they are so fast.

Benefits of High Speed Doors

One of the major benefits of high speed doors is the rate of speed at which they open and close.

Most of these doors are motorised to meet the high speeds and are very handy when leaving in a rush all the time. You would push a button to open the door, much like a garage door, and push another button to close it. Find out more here.

What is an Automatic Door?

Automatic doors are everywhere including shops, hospitals and offices. They use motion detection or optical sensors to trigger the opening and closing of the doors. These sensors are typically installed on the sides of doors and when motion is sensed, the doors will open. No movement means the doors will remain closed.

Generally the motion is detected via a microwave beam by an antenna which is installed on the header pointing in a downward and outward motion. Your automatic doors should be serviced.

Benefits of Automatic Doors

One of the biggest advantages of automatic doors is the convenience that is associated with it.

Not only this, but sliding doors mean you can save space which is perfect for companies that are operating in a smaller location. There are many options to maximise your current space.