Squeezing more out of recycling with new recycling bins

Start recycling todayAll about your local recycling banks

Residents living in London, Essex and Berkshire can now recycle their empty juice, milk and wine cartons at several new recycling banks.

These recycling banks have been installed as part of the waste partnership with local councils and the carton industry body ACE UK (Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment).

The new recycling points mean that for the first time ever, residents can take milk, wine, chopped tomato and soft drink cartons to the banks instead of throwing them into the bin. The recycling banks are at several locations across the area, near to shopping and amenity centres, so residents can drop off their recycling when they do their shopping.

For more information about recycling services, please contact us.

Recycle your household waste

Did you know that you can also recycle your old waste and furniture? Simply contact a local rubbish collection company and their team will handle everything for you.

Registered waste carriers will aim to recycle as much rubbish as possible to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to the landfill. Rubbish collectors can take bulky furniture such as sofas, garden waste such as leaves & debris and electronic waste – all of which can be recycled. Click here for more info.

We suggest opting for a waste carrier that is eco-friendly. Most of the time, they will use the latest recycling technology in order to offer high standard waste services for you and your local area. Find out more about rubbish clearance companies here.

Once your old furniture has been cleared, you can begin improving your home! See more information.