Preventing Home Blockages and Clogs


Three Top Tips for Preventing Blocked Drains

One of the biggest home inconveniences can be a blocked drain. Whether it’s a sink or toilet pipe, everything comes to a halt the second the drains get blocked.

At Daz Bert, we look at a few top tips that can help prevent your drains from getting clogged and keeping your plumbing system running smoothly into the future. Get your drains unblocked.

Reviewing the Design of Your Plumbing System

This tip might not seem as obvious as you think. A lot of pipes that perhaps get frequently blocked or struggle can be down to poor design or installation. Find out more.

When it comes to renovating your property or looking at your current plumbing, check to see if the pipes are angled correctly and that clear water can clearly flow through the system without being blocked up.

Never Let Grease or Fat Get Down the Drain

One of the most common causes of drain blockages is grease and fat. Due to their properties, grease and fat can make water increasingly difficult to pass through and over time, the more grease and fat you allow down the drain, the increased chances that you’ll experience a clogged pipe.

Empty grease and fat into the trash and make sure that there are zero chances of these substances from going down your drain in the future.

Know when to get your Drains Serviced

You can prevent a frustrating blockage if you notice that your pipes aren’t operating as smoothly as they should be.

If you’ve noticed that the drainage speed continues to decrease or that bubbles surface when water is poured down, chances are, you need to take action. Pouring hot water and other special liquids down can help clear any partial blockages before they require commercial plumbing to fix the problem. Read more.