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3 Spring Cleaning Tips from the Pros

Giving your home top-to-bottom pre-spring buffing can be done before you even realise how much work it is.

If you focus your efforts and time on big pieces and places that make the most difference you can get the job done in a weekend. Well, in case you want to enjoy your weekend, you can always hire a cleaning company to the job, of course. But in case you want to it yourself, here are 7 great tips!

  1. Start with your doormats

As the front line against tracked-in dirt, you have to keep your doormats as clean as possible. Don’t be afraid to give them the toughest cleaning you’re capable of – doormats are made of strong and durable materials.

They can take a beating or two with a broom. Another great idea is to check whether you can wash them in the washing machine. It will save you a great deal of time and effort. Find out more.

  1. Finish and Protect Your Hard Flooring

Now is the time to clean and protect floors in your home from another year of wear and tear. You can use wax or special sealer for this purpose. Take your time for this job. Clean the surface well before you apply a protective coat of wax or brand product. When you use a sealer follow instructions carefully.

It is vital that you have your tiles and grout cleaned yearly. It is easy for dirt and moisture to collect in grout, allowing germs to spread even further and spread harmful bacteria. A tile and grout cleaning service has proven to be highly effective in breaking through stubborn germs. Click here.

  1. Wash Woodwork, Cabinets and Walls

Though walls and woodwork may not look as if they need cleaning, truth is they do require good old-fashioned scrub. Dust and dirt can fall on the ground but some of it clings to vertical surfaces. Deep cleaning advice.

For this, you will need a clean sponge, clothes, two buckets and dishwashing detergent. Use one bucket for dishwashing detergent and the other for wringing your sponge. Then dry clean surfaces with a cloth or towel.