Improve Your Home With Our Guide

We have the ultimate list of suppliers and installers who can vamp your home into a brand new one, without the hefty bill. Or do it yourself, click here for DIY tips.

Home improvements can be anything from a new coat of paint, to purchasing new furniture. We will list everything below, and hopefully your home will be state of the art.

Updating Your Windows:

Rooflights are a feature that can transform your vintage looking home into a modern mansion. EOS Rooflights provides various rooflights for flat roofs.

Their most recent launch is the Modular Rooflights – you can have a limitless number of rooflights combined and even have the choice of opening rooflights, or fixed.

All of these are made from laminated glass and with low U-Value levels; it means your home can stay energy efficient at all times.

Add Accessories To Your Windows:

Having curtains or blinds to match your newly updated windows can compliment your house massively. Blinds are a much more modern addition to any house.

A little tip of ours is to match your blinds to the same colour as your carpet, therefore it can massively brighten up your house. Browse for blinds.

Furnishing’s Make A Difference:

Over time, your furniture can get boring. As trends change, styles change meaning it would be a good time to start fresh with your furniture and buy something that will make your home extravagant.

When looking at Laura Ashley, we have noticed that they regularly update their stock, and provide a wide range of products that match every style, whilst still being trendy. See: new in furniture.

Brighten Up Your Home With Paint:

One coat of paint over your old walls can transform your home into a brighter, more inviting place. Lighter colours are recommended over dark colours as dark colours are likely to create more shadows and provide dim lighting.

HOH offer years of experience with their painting and decorating services. They also offer wallpapering services and plastering.

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