House Wiring

Here’s What You Need to Know About Ring Circuits

In UK homes, the standard wall sockets are usually connected to a ring circuit or ring main. The ring main in a domestic home supplies sockets and fixed appliances.

The ring circuit itself is created as the cable from the consumer unit leads to the first socket, and then onto the next, and continues until the cable again reaches the consumer unit.

This means that the ring main consists of every socket having two cable routes leading back to the supply. Find out more.

In older properties the cables for the ring main are sometimes fed through the wall cavity, whereby the cables enter through the back of the wall mounted socket. This is no longer a fixture in new homes, as cables within the cavity can become wet and cause moisture to enter the socket.

If old houses are rewired, new cables should be run through ducting in the inner wall or under floorboards.

Each ring main has a 32 amp fuse or trip installed in the consumer unit to protect it. In modern installations, a Residual Current Device (RCD) trips the entire system if it detects a fault.

Hire an emergency electrician ASAP

The three most common reasons that people call an electrician out for an emergency are:

  1. Tripped circuit breaker

Overloading a circuit can demand too much power at once causing the circuit break to switch. It was a simple job to switch the circuit breaker back, but most people aren’t aware of how to do so.

It is often best to call an electrician to solve the issue of why it switched in the first place.

  1. Blackouts

A random loss of power can be frightening especially when it is just you and not the entire street. The first thing to do is to check your electricity bill and then get in touch with your power supplier.

  1. Flickering lights

You may think that flickering lights are a nuisance, but they can signify a huge electrical fault. We recommend calling an electrician right away, therefore you will be ensuring everybody’s safety.

The same rule applies everywhere including factories, warehouses and offices. For commercial electrical services, we recommend Speedy Electrical; one of Brisbane’s premier electrician companies. See more information.

What about the appliances that I have in my property?

Electrical appliances like cookers and showers use a lot of power, and as such should not be connected to a ring main unless they use less than the 30 amp current rating of the ring circuit.

If they are connected to the ring main, it will cause trips in the consumer unit and will reduce the number of other appliances that can be used at the same time. These should be connected to the consumer unit using a specified fuse or trip and cable run. Click here.

There should ideally be two ring circuits in all properties; one for each floor in houses.

A separate ring for kitchen can also be beneficial, due to the amount of electrical appliances present. This also means that the freezer will not defrost if there is an issue elsewhere in the house.