Get free insulation, solar panels and renovation grants – don’t miss out!

There are a number of grants available for you to improve your home and increase your energy efficiency, and what’s the best bit about them? They’re all completely free. Take a look at the grants below and see what you’re eligible for.

The PSP Scheme – Government Solar PanelsSolar Panel Grants

Thanks to schemes like this, solar power in 2016 doubled and is estimated to do the same in 2017. But, what exactly is this grant?

You could start generating your own energy due to solar power and you won’t have to think about the cost of solar panels up front. As well as this, on top of your income you could earn up to £600 a year by generating your own renewable energy through the Government’s feed in tariff. Find out more.

To qualify for this grant, you need to be a homeowner, have a suitable roof and work 16 hours or more. Once you have been registered, you will have a free home survey to ensure your home is suitable and if it is, you can book an install date. Apply today.

100% Free Home Insulationfree insulation grants

Having insulation in your home saves you money on your energy bills by keeping the cold air out of your property, meaning less is needed to heat the home.

Keep Warm offer 100% free attic, loft and cavity wall insulation to those who receive pension credit, child tax or job seekers allowance. All you need to do is complete a short survey or call a team to see if you’re eligible.  See if you qualify.

In addition to this, their work is guaranteed and has warranties to give you peace of mind. Call 0800 612 7878 for more information.

Free Renovation GrantsFree renovation grants

Renovation grants are only available for a number of properties, including:

  • Unfit for human habitation
  • At least 10 years old
  • Not included in a redevelopment area
  • Not a part of the Group Repair Scheme

Work covered by this grant is damp proofing, roof replacement, basic amenities, guttering and plastering. If there are any serious issues in the property, they will be fixed to make it liveable. More information.