Expand Your Home For Maximum Space

Extend your house for maximum space

House prices have been on the rise for the last decade or so.

This has meant more and more people are looking at looking at extending their current home to increase living space rather than moving to a bigger property.

Investing in improving your home will increase it’s resale value as well giving yourself a more comfortable and modern home to enjoy.

Have a look at our home improvement page for more ideas on maximising space.

Metal Roofing for your Home

Many industrial buildings can metal roofing, but did you know that you can have this installed at home?

Metal roofing can be installed over your existing roof without damaging the shingles underneath. However, you can choose to have shingles removed beforehand, but this can increase the cost and length of the job. Find out about roofing services in the Gold Coast.

There are a few different options when it comes to extending your home.

Loft Conversion

It is standard for a loft conversion to accommodate an extra bedroom with ensuite bath or shower room. The size of the rooms will depend on the usable area in your loft space. Be sure to get a few quotes from different contractors for a good idea of the costs involved.

Any building work creates a huge amount of mess! There will be rubble, old wooden materials, flooring etc that will need to be disposed of during and after the construction process.

We recommend hiring a waste removals company that specialise in clearing construction sites.

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Ground Floor Extension

A ground floor extension is a great way to expand your living space. Open plan kitchen and living areas have become increasingly popular over the last few years and are a great way of maximising the space you have.

Although you may have to sacrifice a bit of your garden, you can install floor length folding windows to make the most of the view and also include skylights to flood your room with natural light. Have a look at our selection of blinds and shades.

You can hire a profesional or do it yourself! Check out our handy DIY Tips.

Consult an architect for bespoke designs for your home.

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