Easy home makeovers in a day

Easy home makeover

To embellish your home, you don’t need to make any major repairs or swap the entire furniture. Both steps will cost you a lot of money and time. Therefore, in order to save you those costs, we will show you some easy and effective ways to freshen up your interior in a day:


Paint the kitchen cupboard doors or decorate them with a suitable self-adhesive foil. The range of colours and patterns, you may find in the stores, is really extensive. We recommend you, models, imitating wood or marble. The foil is suitable for almost all surfaces (e.g. refrigerator), so with a little imagination, you can change the appearance of many of the objects in your home;

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A little fabric with an interesting design and paint in the same tonality are sufficient to turn the old furniture into something special. You may dress the chairs in a floral fabric as you combine it with your curtains and rugs. When it comes to cleaning carpets, it is always a good decision to use professional services;

 Renovating your bathroom

Completely renovating your bathroom is a great way to remove and decrease the possibilities of germs in your home. However, you have to then maintain it for great results. Craftsman Bathrooms are a company that provides quality bathroom renovations throughout Brisbane and Brisbane Southside. They are ready to assist and help you achieve the desired bathroom you want. Click here to see their latest work.


It is widely known that the mirror gives the optical illusion of depth, making the room look bigger and brighter.

Then why not experiment, creating a figure from a few mirrors?

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Pick an interesting form and arrange them in an original way. That would be especially spectacular in a room with no windows;

Old wooden chest of drawers or cupboard can acquire a completely new look with the help of some paint and templates. First, you have to polish the wood, then paint it in the desired colours and finally put some colourless varnish on the surface, to protect it. During this procedure, be careful with your upholstered furniture! If some paint or varnish makes a stain, you’d better rely on professional upholstery sanitizing.


If your wallpapers are old, but you don’t have time to change them, then you can simply refresh them. Use a template and draw particular images. Another option for you is to use a wallpaper-frieze with a suitable pattern. It can be glued onto walls, painted with latex as well. For the joy of your child’s room, you should pick wallpapers with his/her favourite cartoon characters.