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How DIY Steps can improve the value of your London property

When it comes to boosting the value of a London property, homeowners needn’t invest thousands of pounds in an extension or a new landscaped garden.

In fact, even the smallest DIY projects, when carried out correctly, can help boost the value of a home and help offset against any fluctuations in the UK property market or unforeseen developments such as the closure of a transport link or erosion of green space and views.

What’s more, many of the most effective DIY makeovers can be carried out over the course of a weekend without any specialist help, unlike loft conversions or conservatories which, although they can set a home way above neighbouring properties in terms of price and appeal, usually require a large net outlay and considerable inconvenience.

And, with space at a premium in London, working to make rooms feel bigger is one of the best ways to boost a home’s value for when it’s time to move on, as well as make a home more liveable for the time being.

How to make a small space appear bigger

Even the smallest of spaces can be transformed using any number of clever optical illusions.

However, for the best results, it’s advisable to bear in mind that, the lighter and brighter a room is, the bigger it will appear, while dark tones will only serve to emphasise the lack of space.

For example, fitting a mirror – the bigger the better – will add to the illusion of space, as will the inclusion of any windows, however small they may be.

Likewise, opting for light, neutral colours can help in creating a sense of space and flow, while any complicated patterns or centrepieces should be located at the end of a room so as to draw the viewer’s attention down the length of the space in question.

Other visual tricks include emphasising height rather than width and length through striped wallpaper or other patterns, while it goes without saying that a minimalistic approach to furniture and a zero-tolerance attitude to clutter will help make a space seem not just smarter, but also bigger.

Go open plan if you can

When it comes to London living, open-plan is the way forward, with buyers willing to pay a premium for the illusion of extra space one long, single space provides.

Fortunately, achieving this can often be possible without any expensive professional help.

Researching such a project online prior to bashing through unnecessary internal walls is essential, with homeowners urged to know their limits before embarking on such a rewarding job.

For those wary of taking on such a task on their own but unable to afford to bring in the builders, making use of built-in storage solutions so as to minimise wasted space can have similarly pleasing results, both in terms of aesthetics and property value.


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